7 Green Moving Tips To Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

Moving isn’t the most eco-friendly thing you can do. When it comes to your change of address, you could start to feel bad about your carbon footprint, from the packing waste to the long car and van excursions. There are, however, methods to make your relocation a bit more environmentally friendly.

With a little additional forethought, you can lessen the environmental effect of your relocation. In this post, we’ll offer some of our favorite moving ideas that can help you lessen your carbon impact.

1. Go through your belongings before relocating.

Moving fewer items is the simplest way to make your relocation more environmentally friendly. It is ineffective, however, if you end up dumping a large amount of trash as a result of decluttering. Before throwing out items, consider whether you could sell, give, or recycle them. Disposing of them should be the last option on your list. Your moving boxes will be fewer, and your truck may be smaller once you’ve decluttered.

2. Get or rent moving crates.

Moving boxes are undoubtedly the most convenient way to organize and arrange your relocation. Your movers will also find it easier to load uniform-sized boxes into their vehicles. However, what if you want to buy fresh boxes without feeling guilty about it? First, ask around to see if anyone has any extras that are free. Following a move, most people are eager to get rid of their reusable boxes. You might be doing them a favor if you offer to take them off their hands.

If you can’t locate somebody willing to give you boxes, you may rent them. To make your relocation even easier, you may rent enormous heavy-duty boxes that can be piled on top of trolleys. Simply unpack and return the boxes once you’ve completed your relocation. This is a common choice for office relocations.

3. Instead of shifting boxes, use these products.

Instead of moving boxes, the following objects can be used:

Briefcases and suitcases

Bin liners for backpacks and holdalls

Large supermarket bags and tote bags

Bags that are vacuumed

Hampers and baskets

You don’t have to limit yourself to cardboard moving boxes; you might be able to discover creative applications for materials you already have.

Be inventive with your packaging.

To protect your belongings without relying on rolls upon rolls of bubble wrap, consider the following:

Cover your television with a blanket or duvet. Your Falkirk mover should provide you with moving blankets, but make sure you double-check before you book them.

Protect glasses, mugs, and vases with the mountain of “bags for life” you’ve amassed.

To protect your plates and dishes while traveling, place paper plates between them.

To protect boxes in transit, use towels to pad them.

To keep picture frames secure, place them in pillowcases.

5. Make the most of your available packing space.

Make the most of all the holes to limit the number of boxes you need to buy and transfer to a minimum. If you’re packing your kitchen, for example, consider placing smaller goods in jugs and huge pots. Spice jars might be stored in your crockpot to make shifting easier. Cutlery might be stored in a Tupperware container. If at all feasible, leave no vacant gaps in your packing boxes.

Make as few trips as possible.

We feel that completing the transfer in one trip is considerably more environmentally friendly than making several trips with a vehicle. The debate over moving in a single trip is endless.You’ll also be less stressed as well. You will have less time to unpack and settle into your new home if you make multiple trips to the same location.

7. After your move, recycle or reuse the boxes.

Upon moving into your new home and unpacking your boxes, don’t throw them away. You can flatten and store your moving boxes, or you can donate them to another mover who needs them.

Moving boxes can be reused several times if they are constructed appropriately and sealed with high-quality tape. If you moved with plastic boxes or crates, you could use them around the house.

If you’re ready to hire an eco-friendly man and a van in Falkirk, contact us immediately for a quotation!