How to Leave Your Shared House Without Getting into a Fight.

No matter how close your friends are, leaving a shared house can be stressful and cause unnecessary tension, even among the closest friends. Everybody would agree that excellent housemate behaviour is important. There is nothing you can do but communicate properly, do your best, and hope for the best.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to assist you with leaving your shared house as smoothly as possible.

Give adequate notice.

This one seems self-evident to the majority of people. Many people think it is okay to remark, “Hey, I’m moving out this weekend.”

A notice period should have been discussed when you first moved in, ideally. If you did not, expect to wait 2-4 weeks, depending on whether or not you are an official leaseholder. There are numerous tools within Tenants Victoria designed to assist co-tenants, such as lease difficulty and sub-tenancy information.

Don’t underestimate the importance of packing.

It’s understandable. There’s school, work, and life to balance. If you take too long to pack, your housemates may worry you won’t be able to move your belongings. Pack your moving boxes in advance. Do you have tape? Would you like assistance or are you hiring removal specialists? Make a checklist and start the process. When you finish it, you can move into your new apartment faster, and everyone will be less stressed.

Make sure you don’t leave any signs of yourself behind.

While it’s understandable that you want your legacy to live on, nothing is worse than a shared house amassing undesirable clutter in the shape of leftovers from previous residents. Don’t leave your prized possessions behind unless they’re actually interested in preserving them.

Take advantage of this opportunity to reassess your belongings.

Moving time is a good time to think about what you own and cull and/or donate what you don’t need. Numerous studies have proven that having less clutter and fewer superfluous belongings is beneficial to your mental health. Another advantage is that the less you have, the easier it is to relocate.

Nobody enjoys grub. Pick up the vacuum cleaner.

No matter if you’re all ending your lease at the same time or just moving out, make sure everyone pitches in on the cleaning. Vacuum and dust your room if your housemates are staying and you are the only one leaving. Clean up after this one since sorting it takes more effort than sorting it.

Make a fast payment.

If you agree to pay rent and expenses by a certain date, make sure you stick to your word or let your landlord know as soon as possible. Keep track of what you’ve paid and when you paid it, especially if there are numerous housemates sharing different utilities.

If necessary, be the bigger person.

During your entire lifetime, you will remain in touch with some of your former roommates. However, there are some you hope you will never see again. Trying to live under the same roof with different personalities can produce great relationships along with conflict-ridden ones. Don’t be concerned if you don’t win, and just be the bigger person – the world keeps on turning.

Doesn’t there seem to be some kind of housemate karma system, where the way you treat others is reflected in the way you treat them? Maintaining a pleasant and polite tone is always a good idea.

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