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To use our website, you must agree to the terms and conditions listed below and certify that you fully comprehend its contents. If you disagree with our terms of service, please do not use our website. You are welcome to visit our website at any time. Please check our main website for further details. We are providing access to our site “AS IS” for the time being, and we reserve the right to discontinue or alter the services we provide on the site at any moment. We will not be held liable if our website is unavailable at any moment. We may limit registered users’ access to our whole site, or sections of it, from time to time in order to safeguard our brand and website. Any information supplied to you to authenticate your identification, such as an ID number, password, or other piece of information, must be kept confidential and not shared with others. We have the right to cancel any user ID or password you have chosen or been provided if you do not comply with these terms. To get access to our website, you are solely responsible for completing the necessary preparations. It is your responsibility to ensure that all visitors to our site are aware of and comply with these conditions. You are responsible for paying us if you utilise our services. We make introductions for service providers as an introducing agency. We, the service providers, have given you permission to sign a contract on our behalf. To finalise your booking request, we will first respond to you in order to decide which service provider is most suited to your needs. You will get an e-mail confirmation of your reservation, as well as information about your reservation and a link to the Service Terms and Conditions. A contract will be created between you and the provider if you agree to the terms in the email as well as the service terms and conditions. 2.3 The contract’s parties are you and the supplier. The majority of the obligation for providing the services falls on the supplier. After you’ve finished your registration, the terms and conditions you accept to become legally binding. It is our desire that you always refer to us as your primary point of contact when you receive services from the supplier. Any non-cash payments you make, such as prepaid or gift cards, will be handled by us as well. 2.5 We make certain that a competent service provider is found and recruited. It is, however, only the provider’s responsibility to supply the services. You release us from any liability and obligation since we don’t hold you liable or responsible for the services. When you provide supplier recommendations, it is always appreciated. Intellectual property rights, To put it another way, we own everything on our site, including copyright and other intellectual property rights. In the United Kingdom and other nations, all material is subject to intellectual property (IP) laws and treaties. All intellectual property rights are reserved on this page. A web browser is required to view our website (including any web browsing capability built into other types of software or apps). You are welcome to print a single copy of our materials and use snippets from our webpages as needed. Simply bookmark a page on our website to read later or use offline. It is completely forbidden to change printouts or digital copies of any information. Images, video, and music should only be used in combination with text. Always identify ourselves as site owners, writers, or licensors. To use any content you’ve saved or downloaded from our site for commercial reasons, you must first obtain permission from us or our licensors, and any copies you made in violation of these terms of service must be returned or destroyed. You will no longer be able to access our website if this agreement is ended. The use of the internet as a data source We make every effort to keep our site current and relevant with comments and other information, but these materials are not meant to be used as financial advice. 4.2 We will not be held liable or responsible for any reliance put on the information included on this website or any of its contents under any circumstances. Our website has been modified recently. We go above and beyond to ensure that our website is regularly updated with new content. If the case warrants, we have the right to restrict or even disable access to our website. We accept no responsibility for keeping the material on this site up to date because it changes often. We have legal authority over whatever you post on our site. 6.1.To the fullest extent permissible by law, we disclaim any and all representations, warranties, and guarantees that may apply to our site or any material offered on it. We do not bear responsibility for lost revenue, sales, company, income, business opportunities, goodwill, or reputation, as indicated in paragraph 6. We are also not liable for any anticipated savings. We offer no assurances about the availability of our site, and we disclaim all responsibility or liability for any interruptions or outages caused by third-party sources. Any liability that is restricted in any manner, such as negligence or inadvertent injury, is not our responsibility. This privacy policy applies to you and your use of our website. Our privacy policies govern how we handle your personal information. You confirm that our data is correct if you consent to our site’s use of your data. You may use this feature to post images, audio, and videos to our website. These terms and conditions outline the content standards that apply when you use a feature of our website to submit material or connect with other users. You agree to follow those standards with each gift you make, and you expressly release us from all obligation if you don’t. You grant PTC permission to use, replicate, distribute, and disclose your work for any reason after you submit it. The files you upload to our site become public and non-confidential. If a third party claims ownership of any content you post on our website, we are required to publish your name. We also have the right to disclose the nature of your donation to third parties so that they can determine whether or not they have a right to privacy. We are not responsible for any third-party content that is posted on our website. 8.4 Any of the following may be deleted at our discretion: Anything that is in violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Malicious software, unauthorised hacking, and other criminal activities are all prohibited. You are not permitted to use our website in any way that is detrimental to it or impairs its functionality. On our website, it is illegal to copy, store, host, transfer, communicate, use, publish, or distribute dangerous software. Any server, computer, or database connected to our site, as well as the server where our site is hosted, cannot be accessed without authorisation. A denial-of-service attack will not be launched against our website, nor will a distributed denial-of-service attack be launched against it. If you break this section, you might be charged with a crime under the Computer Misuse Act. In the case of a data breach, we will notify the proper law enforcement authorities as soon as feasible and will assist them with their investigation by giving your identify. Your access to our site will be promptly revoked if there is a breach. 9.3 It is completely your duty to keep your computer safe from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malware, to keep your programme or data secure, and to prevent being infected with malware or viruses as a result of visiting our site or any other website linked to it. Installation of a direct link to our website You are also welcome to link to our homepage as long as your link does not hurt our reputation or provide you any financial benefit. Avoid using phrases like “partnership,” “authorization,” or “endorsement” when connecting to another website since they might suggest anything. You are not permitted to link to a website that you do not own. No part of our website, including the home page, should be copied. We don’t allow connections from sites that don’t meet all of our standards. We need to make sure that our website isn’t being framed by another one. We have the right to cancel linking permission at any time and without warning, as previously stated. Please send us an email if you have any queries about how to use non-applicable content on our site. There are a lot of links on our website. Websites that provide links to other sites