Try These Odd Rituals If You’re Moving Into A New House.

While moving can be stressful, it can also be exciting. Perhaps you’re migrating with your spouse, searching for a new home for your family, or simply leaving your parents’ home for the first time.

A new house not only has novelty value, but it also signifies a moment of change and upheaval. It’s the best time to clear your mind and go on a new journey. In light of this, we’ve produced a list of some of the most common international moving home customs.

If you want to bring good luck and success to your new home, consider the following customary rituals:

Get rid of the broom you’ve had for a long time.

Carrying your old broom into a new home is considered bad luck in certain cultures. Instead, consider it a new beginning and toss out your old broom. It’s easy to see why people are drawn to this legend. Who wants to take the dirt from their old residence with them? It’s a wonderful chance to start fresh – literally – to let go of negative energy. So go out and acquire some new cleaning supplies and bring them in through the front door—another important step.

Others take it a step further and use it as an excuse to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but we’ll let you decide. Before you move, make sure the dust cylinder is empty!

Rice and salt should be strewn on the floor.

This is a traditional Feng Shui ceremony for cleansing the home of negative energy (or business). To begin, in a mixing dish, add equal parts raw salt and raw rice. As you work your way around the perimeter of the house, the mixture is thrown at the base of the walls.

Mother Earth receives the grains while the salt cleanses the surroundings. After that, the salt and rice are left overnight before being vacuumed the next day. This should never be cleaned since it defies the cleaning routine’s objective.

Bring the milk and rice to a boil together.

Another traditional house blessing is letting a pot of rice and milk boil over. This is a symbol of longevity and purity. This is a Hindu ceremony that ensures your new home’s success. You can serve sweetened milk and rice to your house guests as a first dish.

It’s time to light a candle.

Why not make a simple first-night routine of lighting a candle to help you feel at home in your new home? This activity will help to illuminate your home and eliminate darkness. The lighting of candles is a part of most religious blessings and ceremonies. If you have a fireplace in your home, this is even better! Light a fire. This will ward off any negative energy that may be present in your home.

It is necessary to burn sage.

Many Indigenous peoples in North America use a sage-burning ceremony in their dwellings. This procedure is referred to as “smudging.” A stick of tightly twisted dried sage and other aromatic herbs are burnt and left to smoke in a little dish or shell. The person blessing the house will next work their way clockwise around the house, wafting smoke and saying a blessing or prayer.

It is usual to turn off all electrical equipment and hide mirrors while the blessing is taking place. Smudging is a practice that not only serves to cleanse the air but also helps to combat bad energy. Smearing, according to one study, can remove up to 94 percent of microbes from the air.

Bring bread and salt inside the home.

Eastern European and Slavic culture is so pervasive that the International Space Station has embraced it. Bread and salt should always be the first items brought into a new home.These two items represent wealth and prosperity. Salt indicates an abundance of taste, whereas bread represents an abundance of sustenance. Estate brokers in several countries may supply bread and salt to incoming renters.

Plan a housewarming celebration.

A housewarming celebration is much more than just showing off your new digs, as you may not understand. Organizing a housewarming party soon after you move in can help you infuse your home with positive energy, laughter, and joy. Lunch is customarily served to those who have supported you in relocating and settling in. As if you needed an excuse to have a bash!

If you try any of these rituals, make sure you complete them all before the movers arrive. Any mover would be upset if they had to wait while you smeared your new home.

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